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Being Sand-Bagged

My school was many miles away and we couldn’t get together every weekend, but we did the best we could. This also was the weekend of a popular rival football University.

Some girls in her dorm had been doing a number on her, sand-bagging our relationship. They would joke and make statements to her that I must be enjoying myself cheating on her miles away at my school. At this time, I believe they carried it a little too far, but I found out too late to do any good. Someone had a couple of close high school friends that were aiding them in their plan. Pictures would be taken around my school of me and a girl, unknown to me, standing close together. Sometimes she would say something to me like asking the time or some other non meaningful conversation just so we looked like we really knew each other. A couple of other coconspirators would take several photos of us together as proof of the relationship.

I came in for a football game weekend as planned, but was confronted by a surprise. Lynn explained to me that she had a "date" for the weekend. She wasn’t positive I would make it and a friend of hers had a visitor for the weekend and his friend wanted a date, so she said yes, she’d be his date. Anyway, she figured I was staying at my school to take my other girlfriend out! With that comment, she returned my engagement ring! She wouldn’t believe me over all the photos she had been shown. Her close friend, Casey didn’t have a date, so she volunteered to be my date. Casey and I had known each other for years and she was more like a sister to me, no romance at all was going to happen between us. As far as Lynn was concerned, Casey did not pose any threat to our relationship.

So, here was my situation. My fianc?hought I was cheating on her at my school and the evidence against me was overwhelming. I just had to tough it out and try to get things straightened out. Telling Lynn it wasn’t true did no good, it actually made her madder!

So, I shut-up and took Casey out as my date with the group of five couples. My fianc? date, to my surprise, was black, his name was David. Lynn and David seemed to get along very well. She made a point to always take his hand when they walked close together across campus on the way to the game. After the game we all went out dancing and drinking. Whenever I asked Lynn to dance, she’d always turn away and ask someone else to dance with her or she’d just get up and leave the table. She made it clear to me that she wanted nothing to do with me and she didn’t want me near her. I guess I couldn’t blame her! That was hurtful to me because I really loved this woman. As the night went on, Lynn and David danced together more and more, closer together and kissed a lot. I got the message that I wasn’t in her thoughts! I didn’t ask her to marry me in a moment of lust, just to try to get into her pants. It had been a long thoughtful process for me. What was happening now was hurtful! I had no idea what I’d done or was going to do! We had been dating for four years straight! All that time I had never asked another girl out! Lynn and I were committed to each other and had never even had sex!

I told Casey everything I knew and assured her that I didn’t know this other girl’s name or anything about her. Casey said the pictures, as she showed them to me, were very damning to our relationship. Lynn had been crying for days about my cheating on her. At this time there was nothing I could do! I asked Casey if I could keep the pictures and she said I could take them when I left to go back to school.

Lynn danced every slow dance with David and clung very close to him. I got the point from her that he "was" the new man in her life now! I could be and was now replaced! I dreaded the sleeping arrangements at Casey’s house where we were all spending the night. I felt like starting my long drive back home instead of waiting until tomorrow.

It got late and we left for Casey’s house for the night. At Casey’s we started figuring out where everyone would sleep, as there were several out of town visitors. We had to find sleeping arrangements for ten people. Lynn spoke up and loudly proclaimed, "David can sleep with me in the front bedroom!" 

I asked, "Just what do you meant by that!"

Lynn said, "It is just as it sounded, David can sleep with me in my bed and we’ll be naked together and he can completely have me! I’m his!"

I said, "More than once you told me that you intend to stay a virgin until our wedding night!

"Well some things change! David can have my cherry tonight and I want to be full of his cum tomorrow morning, a very well fucked coed!"

David took her shoulders and talked in a low voice to Lynn, but I could hear him. "Lynn, my penis is quite large and it will hurt you because you are still a virgin!"

Lynn replied, "I can take the pain and I want you to stretch me open as much as you can before you leave Sunday afternoon!" I stood stunned and didn’t know how to react!

I went to sleep on a couch right next to the bedroom wall where Lynn and David were. During the night I heard Lynn tell David to get deeper inside her and stretch her pussy wide with his beautiful black pole and fill her full of his cum! More than once she yelled that it hurt but for him to keep going! Lynn was swallowing this scam hook line and sinker and destroying herself in the process. I intended to investigate this bogus affair at my school and find the source of the trouble.

I didn’t sleep very much. Part of it was thinking of what was happening between Lynn and I and why? The other part was the sound of sexual pleasure coming from the bedroom next to me between Lynn and David. He was deeply involved in his enjoyment of his willing date, my ex-fianc? What guy, on a blind date is going to turn down free pussy offered him by his date with no commitments!

When I left to go home Sunday at noon, Lynn hadn’t gotten out of bed yet and the whole house could hear her and David fucking in the bedroom. More than once she told David,"Fill your white slut full of your black baby making sperm and knock me up!" I guess it was clear what she wanted! Lynn wanted to get pregnant by this black man and have a black baby to spite my phony cheating on her!

Back at school, I looked out for the blonde used in the pictures. I asked other people and found out her name and some of the camera people, all part of the plot. I enlisted a couple of my friends and took pictures of the group taking pictures and got background information about the blonde and them too. With all my evidence, we confronted them in a library study room one night. They thought the whole thing was a joke. When they learned what the information and threats caused Lynn to do, they were sick. By this time, Casey had informed me that Lynn had a belly showing a three month old baby, David’s baby and David was gone. He was back at school with his girlfriend. He wasn’t interested in any white girl’s black baby, even if it was his! I convinced the three conspirators to go with me to the deans office of the Law School and got him to sign as a witness to their statements of the plan to undermine my and Lynn’s relationship. I hoped Lynn would believe everything now. I hadn’t talked to her since that football weekend when she let David impregnate her. I really didn’t know if I wanted to get back with Lynn ever again. I knew that she’d have the baby no matter what. I wasn’t sure I could marry any woman who wouldn’t trust me in a very dubious situation and wouldn’t accept my answers and then to cap things off, would go to bed with a strange man to spite me and make a baby with him!

I mailed Casey a copy of all the evidence I had about the conspiracy to destroy Lynn. I concluded that was the only reason for this event to happen. Lynn had an enemy somewhere in either of our schools, but we’d probably never find them.

For her part, it turns out that Lynn didn’t think she could become pregnant at that particular time in her cycle. The best laid plans go astray! The things she said loudly were for everyone to hear, but mainly for my benefit. She wanted me to know just how hurt and desperate she had become! Her whole life had crumbled! She did sleep naked with David and let him take her cherry and fill her full of his sperm, but she did not intend to become pregnant however! The loud statements were for effect, not a declaration of intent, so she told me. I never could be sure that she was telling me the truth on how she became pregnant. I thought in my own mind that Lynn had taken advantage of the situation and had done all she could to become pregnant by a black man thus fulfilling a weird fantasy of hers.

Casey, Lynn and I tried to figure out what started this whole mess. We couldn’t figure out any reason to cause someone to be this mean to either of us. It couldn’t be me because I was hardly ever around and nobody except Lynn and Casey knew me. Someone must really hate Lynn a great deal!

What ever the cause was, one fact was still firm and that was my love for Lynn and the other fact was she was going to have a black baby, unless she aborted it, which she didn’t agree with abortion! She and I both thought of abortion as murder!

I told Lynn that our relationship would never go back like it was before. She had taken steps that destroyed it permanently!